Thursday, April 5, 2012

Getting an early start on some late start on others

I started planting my seed starts about a month ago and found old plastic containers to use for "Hot beds".  We've had several storms in the last three weeks that have caused a lot of rain fall and some chilling nights.  I went out to look at the  "beds" when the sun started peaking through the sky and saw some starting to sprout up. 

I'm thinking of finding someone one with a rotertiller to dig up my garden this year. Once its dug up I can work in it.  I'm getting a late start on that as I want to put some screen under about 6 in of dirt before I start planting or transplanting to keep the gophers from digging it up.  I have old pallets that I can tear apart to make larger beds to screen over my beans, peas and tomatoes.   I still want to do the square gardening as I get more room in my small space. 

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