Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Fall/winter canning season 2015/16

Since I started doing random canning it's not unusual for my hubby to see the canner on the stove at any time day or night. Got the time down to if making chicken broth its 40 min for pints if chicken is added its 70.

Doing a lot of soups now

Canned Split pea and ham 4 pints on Saturday night.

Made a chicken noodle soup that I am going to freeze in smaller containers.
I used  4 pints of broth one that I made from the broth when I did a chicken Adobe (yum!) and also one where I made a raspberry vinaigrette. Soup was very flavorful and added dried celery leaves from my celery plants that I restart.

Really enjoying this journey of making my own recipes on a budget.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Starting Paleo cooking

I think this fits best for any of my blogs in that I'm back to eating healthy and making my own recipes  Paleo/frugal style.

And yes it becomes a bigger mess.

Tonight I decided to do Paleo tortillas.

I made the first try with coconut Flour. Not a good idea.

I did go against Paleo Mom's suggestion and used tapioca flour. This time they did make nice dough balls to roll out, rolled out nicely and even came off the top layer of wax paper smoothly. Getting it to the pan proved to be more difficult as they fell apart.

Will try again. I did use PaleoMom's recipe with the exception of the flour she used for both tries. The tapioca was texture was good but felt starchy. Will try a combo of a little coconut flour next time.

The coconut flour smell I didn't like so it won't make a good main flour for this project.

There was another coconut flour tortilla but it was a batter and to me that didn't seem quite right.