Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My vegetable garden is still thriving :)

We have had the strangest weather system here this summer. Very rarely was our days nice and sunny much less warm enough for tomatoes to blossom. Around the Middle of August I started getting blossoms and by late September tomatoes were forming on my Cherry Tomato and my BeefSteak Tomato. My Early Girl even made a second appearance and picked on ripe one last week to put in a tuna salad.

My peppers have been producing madly and I've picked about 15 of them from the 4 plants that I planted so far. I'm freezing them whole as they are small, most just the right size for stuffing with rice as a side dish. I used a couple of red peppers for tuna salad finger sandwhiches I made for our women's tea we had Sunday night. Also added to the tuna was basil from my garden. I used the lettuce I had growing as well.

My zucch, yellow squash, and the two cuke plants have come to an end. I was able to get only one zucch and two yellow off the plants, and about 3 cukes from the two cuke plants I had. I decided I will be digging up my back area where the daisies are for a garden next year. I will probably do zucch, yellow squash and my cukes on trellises.

My beans are producing quite a bit and I love how the vines are wrapping around the tomatoe cage that I planted with it. I did also get some pea vines and bean vines wrapped together as they merged with in a couple of days. I will probably keep them in containers next year.

I will do peppers again next year and will do them in the ground. Most of my herbs that are surviving I've been transplanting. I have two basils that I started from seed and I will bring them inside and hope to coax them to make it through the winter season. My Thyme is doing wonderful and I dryed my first small patch of chamomile for tea the other day.

I've got pics of the begonias I planted in the back yard that I'll post later. It was an inspiration from my mom as we were discussing my back yard plans. They look nice around my azalea tree.