Saturday, January 1, 2011

Started Herbs indoors

I decided to start my herbs early this year indoors. I have a florescent light that I read gives off the right kind of light for the plants to grow indoors.

I went out into my garden yesterday and my chamomile didn't survive. I replanted that and also my basil for the third time this year. I am still refusing to buy the plant when I know I can grow it. When these are mature I will put them in the garden pictured above for a second round.

Still planing on taking out my daisies in the next few months in the back and putting in a real garden this year. Even though I liked the smaller peppers that I got off my pepper plants as well as my zucchini and my yellow squash, I think they'll produce better in the ground then in containers. I'm still going to do the tomatoes and lettuce in the containers as well as my beans and peas.